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About the Program

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship partners with not for profit, community organisations and government organisations to provide a structured quality internship program for students.

Through the internship program, students can engage in active citizenship by making a difference and contributing to the complex social issues in our community.

Internships are for a minimum of 100 hours, and can be completed in a block period over the summer or winter break or over a longer standard semester.

Students can receive academic credit towards their undergraduate and postgraduate studies on completion of their internship.

Students are matched based on the quality of their application, current CV, experience and the internship opportunities available.

Host Organisation Checklist: Are you intern ready?

If you are interested in joining our internship program, please consider this checklist

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What our host organisations have to say

Learn more about what we require of our student interns here


There is a dedicated Internships Coordinator at the Centre to provide assistance and support to our student interns and host organisations at any time.

email: internships@mccuskercentre.uwa.edu.au

phone: (61) 8 6488 7553

Resources for host organisations

These online resources have been created to assist our partners with hosting a McCusker Centre for Citizenship intern and can be downloaded at any time.

McCusker Centre Service Learning Agreement

Organisations are required to sign this contract once to partner with us.

Internship Role Description Template

This form is used to advertise each internship placement to students.

UWA Student Placement Insurance

Our interns undertake unpaid internships and are covered by the current UWA insurance policy with AJG Insurance. A Certificate of Currency can be requested through our Internships Coordinator.

McCusker Centre Student Learning Agreement

This document is the contract between the organisation and the student intern to be completed at your first meeting with each student.

Expectations of Supervision

This is a guide for both the organisation and the student intern on giving and receiving feedback and is recommended for discussion at your first meeting to set expectations and answer any questions you or the student may have.

Supervisor Assessment Guidelines

At the end of the internship period, organisation supervisors are required to complete a short evaluation on the intern and program so that students receive credit and a final result – this is critical to the students’ successful completion of the Internship Program. The survey will be sent out via email and this guideline can assist you with completing this assessment.

Sarah McCauley
Current UWA Student
Intern at Southcare

"The McCusker Centre for Citizenship provided an opportunity to explore unchartered territory and experience firsthand the inspiring work, people, and mission of the community and not-for-profit sector. I would recommend this opportunity to any UWA student. You might find a new passion or direction for your future career. I know I did."

Ross Wortham
Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

“Our organisation and others have been blown away by the quality and professionalism of the interns and we benefit from the different viewpoints they bring. I'm now very excited by the collective impact that potentially hundreds of these interns will have on the community service sector over the coming years, helping to build real generational change.”

Rebecca Ball
Executive Director
Office of Multicultural Interests

"There’s a great need for young people to contribute to internships like these. They bring contemporary thinking, they reflect the views of not only their own personal views but the views of their peers and that’s very important... to be embedding that type of thinking ..."