Project Intern, Regional distribution collaboration

Role Title: Project Intern, Regional distribution collaboration

Organisation: Fostering Hope Australia Incorporated

Internship Period: Semester 1 (February - May)

Location: Wangara

Role Description

We endeavour to send our overstock items to regional communities to help those in need in country. We would like an intern to investigate and develop key contacts and distribution points for our regional distribution. At the moment we are asking friends and carers for their assistance per shipment. We would like to develop a list for a contact in the regional communities who can identify the needs of the communities and accept our shipments and distribute them fairly among those in need. We would like to help several communities in different regional spaces. Our shipments are infrequent at the moment due to the lack of support on the receiving end of the transaction.
We would also like a cost analysis of employing a driver occasionally vs use a company for the transport.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

Fostering Hope Australia Incorporated aims to support kinship and foster carers throughout Western Australia in the care of babies, children and young people in Out-Of-Home Care.
We supply items, at no charge, to support children in care, e.g. clothing, toys, games, furniture and comfort aids etc. We support carers to help children and young people to feel safe, supported and reach their potential. We aim to alleviate the financial hardship of carers related to providing kinship and foster care. We provide essential items for children and young people newly placed in care. We hold child focused events and workshops. We support NFP organisations who align with our goals. We accept donations of good second hand clothing, prams, toys etc