Recycle and Donate Project Intern

Role Title: Recycle and Donate Project Intern

Organisation: Fair Game

Internship Period: Semester 1 (February - May)

Location: Bassendean

Role Description

The Fair Game Recycle & Donate Program collects pre-loved sports equipment and distributes it in response to specific requests from under-serviced communities. This equipment helps remove barriers to participation in sport and fitness activities having a positive social and environmental impact!
The role will be responsible for running the Recycle & Donate program from the Bassendean headquarters. They will learn skills in: -logistics and supply chain management -community service -time management - inventory management - stakeholder engagement - leadership - and many others All while making a direct impact on communities across WA.



Organisation Focus Areas

Organisation Mission

FAIR GAME provides unique health & fitness programs and recycled sports equipment, building the capacity of under-serviced communities to promote healthy lifestyle choices and live healthier lives. We aim to reduce the risk of lifestyle related disease, build social cohesion and improve mental well-being.