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Michael helps Perth non-profit improve service delivery for young job seekers

15 February, 2024

Michael Swift completed an internship through the UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship with Perth non-profit, Nudge, helping to establish a Grants and Fundraising Strategy.

A Lawrence Scholar majoring in Economics and Mathematics, Michael was matched with Nudge and contributed 100 hours to support the organisation, who seek to achieve positive social change through training, mentoring, and employment for young people.

“I was fortunate enough to work on projects which contributed to achieving Nudge's mission… It was truly inspiring to be part of a dedicated team committed to making a positive difference in the community,” Michael said.

“The internship has greatly improved my understanding of socioeconomic inequality in Western Australia, particularly around its systemic roots and the way it manifests in the lives of young people,”

“My awareness of the importance of early intervention and long-term support in creating sustainable change has been significantly enhanced,” he said.

Mairead Connolly, Manager Partnerships at Nudge and Michael’s supervisor, said that his contribution has assisted Nudge to work towards increased financial sustainability.

“Michael’s support in the development of our Grants and Fundraising Strategy will help to increase service provision to marginalised young people and continue the Nudge ripple effect felt within individual lives, families, and community,” she said.

“Not only did Michael undertake the grants and fundraising strategy project with diligence, but he often went above and beyond what was asked of him; developing and presenting proposals that he believed would add value to Nudge and supporting the submission of grant applications, enabling Nudge to meet time sensitive deadlines,”

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Michael at Nudge; as our first McCusker Intern he has been a shining example of the UWA McCusker Centre for Citizenship program,” she said.