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Simranbir contributes to report to be tabled in WA Parliament

19 February, 2024

Applications for winter internships through the McCusker Centre for Citizenship are open now - students can apply early to be considered for an early offer of an internship role in the Perth metropolitan area or in regional WA.

Simranbir Sandhu, a UWA Master of Biomedical Science student, said that one of the highlights from her recent internship with the Commissioner for Children and Young People (the Commissioner) was knowing that the publication she worked on would be tabled in WA Parliament.

“I’m proud to know that the work I supported will be shared with decision makers, with a real potential to result in good choices for the community,” said Simranbir, whose internship through the McCusker Centre for Citizenship’s summer internship round gave her the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Commissioner’s annual publications.

“My internship project supported creation of the Profile of children and young people in WA 2024,” Simranbir said.

“This report highlights trends which are important to better understanding young people in WA and challenges they face including poverty, vulnerability, and other hardships. The goal is to bring attention to these issues so that government, advocacy groups, community organisations, and those dedicated to the well-being of children can work towards making things better.”

Simranbir said that the experience had given her opportunity to make a difference and develop valuable skills.

“This experience has honed my research and analytical skills and improved my ability to work with diverse data sets. I was updating a large amount of numerical data which required extreme care due to the sensitivity of the information - there was no room for mistakes in the calculations, and this helped me improve my attention to detail.

“Working closely with a Commissioner dedicated to advocating for children's rights and ensuring their voices are heard opened my eyes to the diverse issues affecting children and young people in WA,” she said.

“The internship also allowed me to make meaningful connections with professionals which will be helpful for me in the future.”

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, said that Simranbir “demonstrated initiative, an extremely strong work ethic and independently managed this important piece of work, she was a valued member of the team,”.

“The strong relationship between the McCusker Centre for Citizenship and my office is valued.  The high quality and calibre of the interns studying in their various fields, makes me excited for the future of advocacy and support for children and young people,” the Commissioner said.

Simranbir said the internship had made her more aware of her social responsibilities.

“I would highly recommend the McCusker Centre internship to other students as an opportunity to understanding real-world issues and make a meaningful contribution to the community.”